Fall Here on the Island

September is almost over and Fall is definitely in the air. The change of seasons is always interesting to watch especially here on Camano Island. A gorgeous harvest moon rising in the dusky evening or setting in the  early morning is a thing of beauty. Rising sun filtering through misty glades or early morning fog on the water. Apple trees loaded with fruit, pumpkins ripening in the fields and finding their way to porches for Halloween.  Come take a drive around the island  and see for yourself why I love where I live!

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Things to Know About Camano Island

There is a lot of variety to choose from if you’re wanting to buy on Camano Island. To begin with, lots of different views in all directions. There are also beach properties as well as woodsy rural sites. Communities with amenities such as beach rights or golfing privileges. Small farms. Homes on acreage. We have it all, including a few condos. Opportunities are opening up to develop areas for small businesses and we have more choices for dining out than in the past.

With all this, Camano has really managed to stay a bit under the radar. You seldom hear a weather report or traffic update regarding the island. It can be too low key for some folks, but most of us here appreciate what we’ve maintained; sophisticated rural with a bit of quirkiness thrown in. After all, Camano is home to many artists working in several mediums. The place is inspirational and unique!

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Tips for Home Searching on Camano Island

Buying a Home on Camano IslandThinking of moving to Camano Island?

• Start your home search by taking a ride.

It’s actually fairly hard to get lost. SR532 is the only road onto the “no ferry” island, and it splits at Terry’s Corner (commonly referred to as “the Y”) where it becomes North Camano Drive or East Camano Drive. Both part of one continuous loop. As long as drivers stay on a version of Camano Drive they’ll eventually get back to Terry’s Corner, and can exit via SR532.

Get a Map

Yes, I know I said it’s hard to get lost, but a map is great for visually orienting yourself to any unfamiliar surroundings. Plus, it’s always nice to be able to mark a spot that stands out for one reason or another.

Contact Me

Of course the VERY BEST way to start that ride is to contact me ahead of time and let me help guide the tour! There’s a lot to see, and lots to learn to make your home search easier and more fun. After all, though finding a home is the goal, the journey to it should be a fun filled adventure!

To be continued….


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